What is Venetian Plaster?

        Venetian Plaster is a term now used to include a range of decorative plasters which create finishes reminiscent of “old world” buildings throughout Europe. Because Venice “(from which the word Venetian plaster originates) is built on pilings, they had to limit their use of heavy slabs and blocks of marble as was used in other parts of Italy. So, they perfected the “Venetian Plaster” that was able to give their buildings the beautiful and enduring look that they have today.  

        There are companies out there offering “Venetian Plaster” that is only a faux finish using thick arylic paint, so be careful choosing your material. Real venetian plaster originates from limestone rocks obtained from rivers or quarries.These rocks are heated, mixed with water and aged to produce “lime putty”. The putty is mixed with marble dust and other colorants to produce the plaster which is hand applied. The beautiful finish is obtained by hand applying several layers of plaster with the last few layers creating the decorative effect.



Examples of Textures of Venetian Plaster

Tuscany Woodgrain
Smooth Marmorino





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