My name is Juan Galindo. I have been doing plaster and stucco work for over 30 years and have had my own successful contracting business in the Northwestern part of the United States for over 25 of those. When I started, I was fortunate to be able to apprentice under some of the real old-time plasterers who themselves had apprenticed at a young age, thus passing down proven plaster knowledge and techniques. Most of my work has been with residential homeowners, although I have also completed many large commercial projects. I have specialized in this area because I love to work with homeowners and help them see their dreams become a reality. There is nothing like a happy homeowner!

           While working with plaster and stucco in one of the rainiest parts of the country can be problematic, I have been able to build a successful business by sticking to the traditional practices learned from the old plasterers, using common sense, and working with my clients. You may ask, “Have I ever been called back to a job?” The answer is absolutely. Anyone in the contracting business will admit that “stuff happens”. People do make mistakes, but I have always been willing to work with the client and fix the problem with a smile on my face even if it meant loosing a few bucks. This policy has served me well and increased my knowledge.

           Why create this website? As a plastering contractor, I have often felt that many people had questions about plaster or stucco that just were not being answered. I was always being asked questions from clients who knew little and really had no idea of the world of possibilities available to them through plaster or stucco. Unfortunately, I?ve also had clients who had work done for them by plastering contractors that was just not done properly and that caused problems for them down the road, disillusioning them. There was clearly a need for accurate, constructive, understandable, and accessible information.

          Since I work hard everyday at my plastering business (which does not leave a lot of time for working online), my wife and I decided to join forces and start this website to help bring on-the-job experience to you in the comfort of your own home, wherever that may be. I hope that through this site, I will be able to provide information, answer questions, and pass down what my mentors passed down to me to both homeowners and contractors.

          I have always loved working with plaster and stucco and it has served me well, providing for myself and my family. I promote and work with it because I love what it can do and what I can create with it.

        May your mud always stick to the wall!

 Juan Galindo

       Juan Galindo
      Master Plasterer

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